Interview with Michael Gregorjev Murn 

Michael Gregorjev Murn & Irem Deniz. Photo Credit Jutiar Salman

Michael Gregorjev Murn (b. 1994) is an artist and entrepreneur whose artistic practice spans painting, drawing, graphic art, photography, poetry and sculpting. A prolific artists and writer, Murn has more than 5,000 artworks in his opus, encompassing abstract graphics and paintings, drawings, sculptures, poetry books, philosophical essays and photographs. He has published 5 books and had over 40 solo exhibitions around the world, as well as more than 100 group shows. Collectors of Murn’s art include presidents, mayors of several European cities, ambassadors and honorary consoles. 

Murn’s inaugural solo UK retrospective will be exhibited at Miart Gallery, which was named ‘Art Gallery of the Year’ by the UK Innovation and Excellence awards organisation, “Best Gallery or Museum in United Kingdom 2024” and featured in “The 20 Best Galleries or Museums in The World 2024”, by the American Art Awards and World Art Awards. 

Murn says that his journey as an artist began in 2005 at the tender age of 10, when he decided to pursue his passion for creating in various forms by establishing ‘Atelier Art Murn’: the initial setup was modest, a small plastic table proudly adorned with a sign that read ‘Atelier Art Murn’. It was within this space that Michael’s insatiable curiosity for art took flight. Immersed in the world of creativity, he delved into art movies, voraciously consumed literature on various techniques, and fearlessly embarked on experiments with diverse media. The atelier became a playground for his imagination, a place where everything from seemingly simplistic ‘Dadaistic’ drawings to intricate 3D artworks found its place. 

Michael Gregorjev Murn. Photo Credit Jutiar Salman.

Murn’s solo exhibition at Miart gallery represents the beginning of an ambitious eight-year global tour, with planned participation in art fairs around the world and a grand finale planned in New York with a solo retrospective exhibition. 

Culturalee spoke to Michael Gregorjev Murn about his hyper-creative approach his inspirations and the upcoming solo exhibition at award-winning Miart Gallery in London, which will feature abstract paintings and digital graphics. 

You have announced a major solo exhibition of your art at Miart Gallery in London’s Mayfair, which has recently been named one of the 20 Best Galleries or Museums in The World, 2024 by the American Art Awards and World Art Awards. How did the collaboration with Miart Gallery happen, and what attracted you to the space?

The collaboration with Miart Gallery came about through my network in London, where I connected with various galleries. What set Miart apart and solidified our decision to collaborate were several factors, including the dedication of its team and the shared passion for art that the owner Irem Deniz and our team at AAMI Corporation have in common. Additionally, the gallery’s prime location in St James’s and its size were key considerations that contributed to our decision to host the exhibition there.

During the preparation for the exhibition, I had the opportunity to work closely with Irem Deniz. This collaboration not only strengthened our professional relationship but also led to discussions about future projects beyond the London solo show. It is this kind of partnership, where there is mutual respect and a shared vision for art, that I value.

What can visitors to your exhibition at Miart Gallery expect, and is there an overriding theme to this exhibition?

The exhibition, titled “Echoes,” will be a journey into my world of abstract paintings and digital graphics, which are among my most expressive and innovative areas. Visitors can expect to immerse themselves in an environment where each artwork speaks not just to the eyes but to the soul, creating echoes of emotions, thoughts, and reflections. The theme revolves around the internal reverberations that each piece provokes in the viewer, bridging the gap between my inner world and the audience’s personal experiences.

You describe yourself as a ‘hyper-creative artist’ and your artistic practice encompasses painting, drawing, graphic art, photography, poetry, writing, visual communications, and sculpture. What is your preferred medium, or do you enjoy exploring different areas of creativity?

Describing myself as having a preference for one medium over another is challenging because each one serves a different purpose in my creative expression. I’ve always found my truest voice in digital graphics, which is where my signature style lies. Lately, I’ve been drawn to the concept of ready-made art, enjoying the spontaneity and the stories that everyday objects can tell when placed in a new context.

My artistic practice spans a wide range of disciplines and while I value the unique qualities and challenges each medium presents, I don’t restrict myself to just one. The versatility in my work, the ability to move freely between mediums, is something I deeply appreciate. It allows me to explore different avenues of creativity and continually evolve my art.

Installation Photo Credit Jutiar Salman.

Are you a self-taught artist, or did you have traditional artistic training?

While I largely consider myself self-taught, my artistic journey is far from solitary or devoid of formal influences. A significant portion of my childhood and adolescence was spent in Graz, Austria, where I was heavily influenced by local artists. My father introduced me to this world, where I absorbed a wealth of artistic knowledge and inspiration. 

Additionally, I attended several art courses and pursued studies at the Faculty of Design in Ljubljana, where I was fortunate to be taught by distinguished professors and academics. Despite this, I have always had a penchant for exploring new techniques and mediums on my own. I could never fully find myself within the formal education system, which is why I consider myself self-taught. 

Where do you create your artworks, and are there any particular artists that inspire you?

I create wherever I am, be it at home, the office, my atelier, or during my travels. This mobility ensures that my work is infused with diverse experiences and emotions. It’s certainly easier to create digital graphics, engage in photography, or write anywhere and anytime than it is to create a huge painting in a specific location. Artists like Salvador Dali, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Eugene Delacroix, and Diego Velazquez have been monumental in shaping my artistic vision. Their groundbreaking work and distinctive styles continue to inspire and challenge me to push the boundaries of my own creativity. 

As an artist and entrepreneur, I hold a deep appreciation for those artists who have successfully merged art with business or have transformed themselves into a brand. This aspect of their careers offers additional layers of inspiration, showcasing the potential of art not just as a form of expression but also as a viable enterprise. 

As a Slovenian artist, do you feel that the culture of Slovenia informs your artistic practice, or would you describe yourself as an international artist?

While I’m from Slovenia and feel a deep connection to my territorial roots, evident in collections like the ‘Yugoslavia collection’, I’ve always aimed for international recognition. This ambition applies both to my art and my business ventures, as my company AAMI Corporation is active in more than 20 countries. I consider myself an international artist; my goal has been to create art that resonates globally, crossing cultural and geographical boundaries. Nonetheless, the influence of Slovenian culture, which is a unique mix of Slavic traditions and European modernity, can sometimes be seen in my work, adding depth to my broader artistic identity.

ECHOES by Michael Gregorjev Murn is at Miart Gallery  31-32 St James’s Street, London SW1A 1HD from 10th May to 6th June, 2024. 

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