Madonna and the Lobsters: Pop Artist Philip Colbert Reinterprets Michelangelo’s ‘Manchester Madonna’ for the Digital Age 

EDITORIAL USE ONLY Philip Colbert OnePlus. Picture date: Wednesday November 15, 2023. PA Photo. Photo credit should read: David Parry/PA Wire

Contemporary art meets tech in an unusual and unique creative collaboration between pop artist Philip Colbert and OnePlus. The St. Andrews University Philosophy graduate who has made a name for himself as a contemporary pop artist with his signature cartoon lobster characters and commentary on popular culture, has created a version of Michelango’s uncompleted Manchester Madonna for the digital age using the OnePlus Open smartphone.   

Philip Colbert x OnePlus Open – Manchester Madonna

Through his multi-disciplinary practice, Colbert explores contemporary digital culture and how it relates to art historical narratives.  For his collaboration with OnePlus, Colbert used the OnePlus Open as an artistic tool to reinterpret Michelangelo’s Manchester Madonna, and the finished artwork was unveiled through an interactive projection at the National Gallery, unveiled next to the original, unfinished painting by Michelangelo.

 Philip Colbert: “It’s a true honour to breathe new life into Michelangelo’s iconic Manchester Madonna using the OnePlus Open. This collaboration represents the convergence of art, technology, history, and in turn, has truly shaped the future of creativity with the smartphone’s endless possibilities, enabling you to have the freedom to truly work and create whenever and wherever inspirations strikes. Completing this masterpiece has been an extraordinary journey, made possible by the capabilities of the OnePlus Open – essentially a studio in my pocket, allowing me to complete the artwork anywhere at any time.”  

Philip Colbert OnePlus. PA Photo. Photo credit: David Parry/PA Wire


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