Bowman Sculpture Exhibits Rodin Sculptures at Taipei Dangdai Art Fair

Taipei Dangdai Art Fair installation photo courtesy Bowman Sculpture.

Bowman Sculpture continues to redefine the art fair experience by showcasing exclusive solo Rodin booths at leading international art fairs, setting new standards for artistic excellence and curation. 

At the recent TEFAF (The European Fine Art Fair) in March 2024 Bowman Sculpture proudly presented a solo booth in the fair’s new Focus section dedicated to the timeless masterpieces of Auguste, and particularly those works relating to his first major commission for the French government in 1880 La Porte de l’Enfer (The Gates of Hell). The booth offered visitors an unparalleled opportunity to immerse themselves in the sculptural brilliance of Rodin’s iconic works, curated meticulously in chronological order showing his progression as a sculptor over the years in both technique and inspiration. The highlight of the stand was one of only 8-lifetime bronze casts of the ‘Thinker’ in the reduced size. this example is only one of six examples in existence which were cast by Rodin’s favourite foundry Alexis Rudier between 1903 and 1914. 

Auguste Rodin, Le Penseur (The Thinker), petit modèle with rounded base, conceived circa 1880-1881; the reduction created in 1903. This is one of only six lifetime casts made between 1903 and 1914, bronze with brown patina, height: 14 3/4″ (37.6 cm). Courtesy Bowman Sculpture.

Building on this success, Bowman Sculpture is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming art fair in Taipei between May 10th and 12th 2024, where it will once again host a solo Rodin booth, with several rare examples of Rodin’s sculpture, including, an important complete set of the Burghers of Calais, all cast within Rodin’s lifetime, a lifetime 1st reduction Kiss, the largest size available on the market today and the rare lifetime cast of the Thinker.

The fair is scheduled to open on the 10th of May alongside the inaugural exhibition at the Fubon Art Museum on the works of Auguste Rodin, the Fubon Art Museum, designed by the renowned architect Renzo Piano promises to be a monumental addition to Taipei’s cultural landscape.

“These solo Rodin booths not only celebrate the enduring legacy of one of history’s greatest sculptors but also demonstrate our commitment to providing audiences around the world with unparalleled access to exceptional works of art.” Robert and Michele Bowman

Taipei Dangdai Art Fair installation photo courtesy Bowman Sculpture.

Bowman Sculpture invites art enthusiasts and collectors to experience the transformative power of Rodin’s sculptures at these prestigious art fairs. From the historic halls of TEFAF to the innovative spaces of the Taipei Dangdai Art Fair in Taiwan. 

Bowman Sculpture has also announced an upcoming solo exhibition of Auguste Rodin’s sculpture this summer in London entitled ‘Faces and Fables: Rodin’s Portraiture, Great Commissions, Mythology, and Sculptural Innovations.’ This captivating showcase will delve into the multifaceted world of Auguste Rodin, one of the most revered sculptors of all time.

Scheduled to open on the 20th of June and running until the 19th of July, ‘Faces and Fables’  is a free public exhibition that will offer visitors a comprehensive journey through Rodin’s artistic evolution. The exhibition will feature a stunning array of 30 sculptures from his earliest works through to the final pieces of his career and will centre around themes of Rodin’s portraiture, his most famous monumental commissions, mythological sculptures, and his innovative use of assemblage techniques that epitomize his mastery of the medium and which pushed the boundaries of artistic expression long before such techniques gained widespread recognition in the art world.

“We are thrilled to present ‘Faces and Fables” says Robert Bowman. “This exhibition covers a wide range of Rodin’s sculptures from his early romantic pieces to his almost abstract works. As collectors will appreciate, it takes many years and some wonderful connections built up over a lifetime to be able to amass a group of works of this quality. It has been over five years since our last purely Rodin exhibition here in the gallery and I am excited to show this collection of exceptional sculptures to the world.”

Bowman Sculpture will be exhibiting at the Taipei Dangdai Art Fair between May 10th and 12th 2024.

Taipei Dangdai Art Fair installation photo courtesy Bowman Sculpture.

‘Faces and Fables: Rodin’s Portraiture, Great Commissions, Mythology, and Sculptural Innovations.’  will run from to at  Bowman Sculpture in London.

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