‘The Spirit of Boudicca’ Exhibition and Art on a Postcard Charity Auction to Open on International Women’s Day

Chloe McCarrick 'Boudicca (Echoes of Rebellion)'. Copyright Chloe McCarrick

Culturalee Founder Lee Sharrock is curating a group exhibition ‘The Spirit of Boudicca’, which will open at the Norwich Cathedral Crypt Gallery in Norfolk on International Women’s Day. The featured artists are also contributing to a special IWD Art on a Postcard charity auction, which will be displayed alongside the exhibition, which will run from 7th to 16th March, 2024. 

The featured artists are; Chloe McCarrick, Daisy Campbell, Amy Gardner, Emma Loizides, Eva Yates, Kristjana S Williams, Lauren Baker, Lee Sharrock, Louise Richardson, Lucy Smallbone, Miranda Donovan, Nadine Talalla, Poppy Lennox, Toni Gallagher and Trish Wylie. 

The exhibition is inspired by Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni in what is now known as Norfolk, and will feature paintings, drawings and prints inspired by the legacy of the ancient Warrior Queen. 

Chloe McCarrick ‘Queen Boudicca – A Life in Legend’, 2024. Copyright Chloe McCarrick

The featured artists are creating artworks for the exhibition inspired by Boudicca’s image, spirit or strength, depicting women from history of modern-day Warrior women who continue the fight for gender equality, independence and freedom, or women who have made a contribution to society in a public way, or in a more personal way on a family or friend level.  

Boudicca led an uprising against the Roman Empire after her husband died and left an enduring legacy as a significant cultural symbol for national resistance for the British, and opened the world’s eyes to the capabilities of female leaders, showing that they could be strong, brave, determined leaders in what was a very male-dominated patriarchal society.

Trish Wylie ‘Boudicca’, 2024. Copyright Trish Wylie

Boudicca was a Queen of the ancient British Iceni tribe, who led a revolt against Roman rule in the 60 century. Boudicca was Queen of the Iceni and her husband Prasutagus was king of the Iceni as an independent ally of the Roman Empire. She is considered a British National heroine and symbol of the struggle for justice and independence. Boudica means ‘Victorious Woman’, and comes from the Brythonic *boudi  (‘victory’).

Amy Gardner ‘Boudiccca’, 2024. Copyright Amy Gardner

Norwich Cathedral dates back to 1096, when it was founded by Herbert de Losinga, the first Bishop of Norwich, and over the last nine centuries this magnificent place of worship has been at the heart of Norwich and its people. The Crypt Gallery in the Cathedral close is part of the Norwich School. 

Image courtesy Daisy Campbell

The Art on a Postcard charity auction will benefit  Dawn’s New Horizon, a Norwich-based charity helping survivors of domestic abuse.  

‘The Spirit of Boudicca’ exhibition will take place at The Crypt Gallery from Thursday 7th March to Saturday 16th March with free entry: https://www.cryptgallery.space

A percentage of sales from the Art on a  Postcard auction will be donated to Dawn’s New Horizon, a Norwich-based charity that helps women escape from domestic abuse and start again: https://dawnsnewhorizon.org.uk

Bidding for the Art on a Postcard International Women’s Day auction opens on 27th February at: https://artonapostcard.com

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