LUAP Unveils Pink Bear Sculpture in Hamburg

Image courtesy LUAP.

British Artist LUAP, known for his Pink Bear character which has popped up all over the world in the form of street art and in galleries, has created a giant Pink Bear Pavilion in Hamburg. LUAP’s sculpture of a Pink Bear head is an immersive artwork created for the Altonale Festival

At 4 metres tall, this is LUAP‘s largest public sculpture to date, and doubles as an exhibition space that visitors can walk inside. LUAP’s concern for the environment is reflected in the use of recycled plastics for the sculpture, which was made with state of the art 3D printing technology. This landmark collaboration was facilitated with the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE). The unveiling of the sculpture in Hamburg coincides with the announcement of the UE’s ‘Pink Bear Scholarships’, two of these will be full scholarships, and the overall fund for the grant is a staggering €250,000.

Featured within The Pink Bear Pavilion is the project “Sinnentaumel” by UE alumna Fenja Rebell, which delves into the perception of colours and sensory experiences, impressions and exploring methods to how they can be made accessible to children with visual impairments.page1image53359744

Image Courtesy LUAP.

The Pink Bear Pavilion represents a fusion of art, design and cutting-edge technology. The Pink Bear Pavilion expands on the artist’s continued exploration of his Pink Bear creation – a recurring motif throughout his paintings, photography, performance and murals in which lie global themes that delve into many universal facets of humanity: mental well-being, environmental awareness and interpersonal relationships. This multifaceted creation encompasses all three dimensions. In his wider practice, LUAP draws inspiration from his own experiences, and by painting from his own photography, he layers abstraction and hyperrealism to dynamically render his unique perception of the world. His traditional practice finds a counterpart in his thirst for adventure, as an artist who embraces uncertainty, immersing himself in extreme environmental settings and pushing the limits of endurance to improve his well-being whilst he captures his striking photographs.

The Pink Bear Pavilion can be seen from 30 May to 9 June at the Altonaler Balkon, as part of the altonale Festival in Hamburg.

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